Bill Bright Shines for the Lord

Book Review:  Bill Bright: Dare to Be Different (by Kim Twitchell)

As a parent who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, I wanted to share this love of Jesus with my children. One of the many ways I did was to read to them biographies, historical fiction and autobiographies of people who loved and served Him. I have such wonderful memories of us sitting on the couch together reading exciting books as a family. We had many library systems where we found an abundance of series and books, books on tape, and music  that helped us expand our universe of God’s heroes and the varying cultures, the histories and geography surrounding them and their circumstances, their art, literature and music.

Even now I am still an avid reader of children’s literature and I believe this biography about Bill Bright would be great reading for your children and/or grandchildren. The story is divided into two parts. The first is dedicated to telling Bill Bright’s childhood story and the development of his character. The author skillfully wraps you up in Bill’s world and you become his friend. The reading level for this portion of the book could easily fit with good readers in the second grade and up. If you are reading this book aloud, this should hold the interest of even 5-year-olds.

The second half of the book deals more with Bill’s adult life and spiritual development beginning, especially, when he was introduced to Jesus Christ. Once Bill accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord, his life was turned upside down and the unexpected began to happen. We read how miracles occurred around him, even in his courtship days with Vonette, his future wife. As a reader, I found this part of the book exciting and encouraging. I think reading this portion of the book aloud to the family would be the better option if you have very young children/grandchildren.

Logo of Campus Crusade for Christ's campus min...

Logo of Campus Crusade for Christ’s campus ministry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Bright was the type of person to dream big, and this story tells you how God honored those dreams and brought to reality Bill’s desire to share Christ with the entire world. It began with the birth of the campus ministry called Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as CRU) and finally took form in the Jesus movie. Before reading this book, I had not connected this movie with Bill Bright. I could barely put the book down while reading how it was conceived, made and used by God to reach people with the Gospel. It was uplifting to read how Bill prayed for more than 30 years for a way to share this Good News with people in the country known then as the Soviet Union and to see how those prayers were answered.

I highly recommend this book whether you have children to share it with or not. It makes good reading for adults as well. Believers everywhere will find their faith reinforced as they read how Bill Bright learned to trust God explicitly.