Wrecked by Jeff Goins ~Review~

Cross Focused Reviews

Cross Focused Reviews

I received a digital copy of the audio book “Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable life” by Jeff Goins as a review piece from CrossFocusedReviews.com. This is my review.

What is your first mental image when you hear of a wreck? Perhaps an accident or a tragedy of some sort accompanied by a loss. In a way, this is what the author Jeff Goins is discussing in this book. The term wrecked implies a destruction of the old and some kind of newness, whether good or not. “Wrecked” metaphorically refers to your perceptions of yourself, the world around us, and your intersection with it. To be wrecked points to something good that happens in your life which becomes a turning point or a shifting of the axis within.

This is not a preachy book. It is not a self-help book…nor a step by step how-to manual. It does not employ “Christianese,” Christian vocabulary, to share the concept of a wrecked life. What comes to mind when I listened to this audio is a quiet conversation between friends seated in a cafe over a cup of Joe. Goins shares a point and weaves in the stories that back up that point seamlessly. Goins’ storytelling technique is warm with glints of humor laced throughout.

At the beginning, Goins reveals his own wrecked experience and explains why he believes an experience like this is necessary for each of us to meet our potential and shake us out of the comfortable cocoons we have wrapped around ourselves. Each chapter following contains nuggets of wisdom gleaned from others’ experiences and stories. He examines this experience from several angles, sharing vulnerable moments in his own life that we can be comfortable with facing our own inner insecurities, doubts, and shortcomings. We are forewarned of pitfalls to expect and overcome in the aftermath of our own wrecked experiences should we dare to embrace the risk. Of course, not all experiences that result in a paradigm shift of thinking are comfortable. In fact, the author impresses on his readers that most of these moments can be ugly and messy.

Furthermore, Jeff Goins makes an assumption that we want to be revitalized so that we are more effective in service to God and mankind. He offers this concept as a game changer. So if you are not looking to live a more fulfilled life, with purpose and joy, then this is not the book for you.

“Of course!” I thought in reflection after listening to this audio several times. It was the first time I had heard these thoughts voiced in terms of being wrecked. But it made sense. Those of us who have lived through some kind of perceptual shift may have called it an epiphany or “crossing the threshold”. We know it as a life changing experience. We would have felt refreshed or renewed…recharged…or in the author’s words “wrecked and reformed”. I could think of several people immediately whom I believe would enjoy listening to this audio book. I highly recommend it!


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