A Review for You, Your Family and the Internet by David Clark

Map of Roman roads in northeast Balkans

Map of Roman roads in northeast Balkans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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You, Your Family and the Internet: What Every Christian in the Digital Age Ought to Know by David Clark


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“..There is nothing more important than studying and applying the Word of God if we are to understand how to live today.”

This book is written by Christians for Christians and emphasizes Christian principles to put into practice when using the Internet. The internet offers us great potential for good, but it is also a conduit for evil. The author, David Clark, compares the Internet to the well cared for roads built by the Romans. Most of the major cities during Roman times were connected and guarded by the Romans, drastically changing the economy by allowing much more trade between cities and countries. Lifestyles changed, more people traveled, education was enhanced, the use of exotic foods and spices increased. In much the same way, the Internet connects us to the world.  But the greatest difference in this particular cultural revolution is the illusion of privacy. When a computer is in the home and no one is around, we can start to believe that it is just you and the computer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the Old Testament, God laid down basic principles He wanted His people to use when they interacted with business colleagues, in the workforce, in their families, with their neighbors, their friends, acquaintenances and church family. Human nature hasn’t changed much since then, and Clark suggests the principles of self-control, accountability, and good stewardship apply to the Internet now as much as it did in history.

The author emphasizes being proactive rather than reactive throughout this 12-chapter book. An important step then toward responsible use of cyber technology is to know the benefits and the dangers offered on the Internet. The first chapters of David Clark’s book deal with some brief history, the social network influences, pornography, advertising and marketing, internet games, internet gambling, and the news. The final two chapters give us the practical steps to use. Chapter 11 offers five principles to learn from, and chapter 12 names five principles to run with.

“You, Your Family and the Internet” is not a how-to manual, but a foundation to build on. I consider this book a great tool and practical first step for those who are not too comfortable with the Internet and haven’t done much with it. If you have a friend or family member who wants to catch up quickly on the ins and outs of the web, I would recommend this book to them. I would also recommend this book for those young people who may already be tech-net savvy, but may need some guidance with governing principles. To continue the metaphor of the Roman roads, this book aids the reader in constructing guardrails to help the reader from wandering off the road into dangerous territory.

I received a free preview copy of this book for review from Cross Focused Reviews.


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