My Review on Little Black Books: Science and God by Scott Petty

200x200-CFR-Badge-review imageBook Review: Little Black Books: Science and God by Scott Petty 

Science and God is a short booklet that’s part of the Little Black  Books series distributed by Matthias Media (of St. Matthias Press,  Australia). The basic tenet presented in this booklet is a response to  certain celebrity scientists and atheists who have publicly expressed  antagonism toward a belief in God by stating that science can  replace belief in God. But the author points out a flaw in their  “reasoning” when he states, “The conviction that our universe is  ordered and relatively stable is at the very heart of science. And this  is partly why the historical development of what we know now as  modern science has had a generally happy relationship with the  Christian faith.” Some of these scientists want us to view “religion”  and science as direct opposites.

Illustration of the expansion of the Universe ...

Illustration of the expansion of the Universe after the Big bang. In Bulgarian. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So in the booklet, Scott Petty lays out three reasons why we do not  need to choose between God and science:

“1. Science and God have historically been good friends.

2. Some of the big name, heavy hitting scientists of the past and  present were/are professing Christians.

3. Science and religion answer different questions.”

The authors goes on to explain, “If we take a layered approach,  science and God can touch on the same questions from various  perspectives, and the fact that we can understand the mechanism of  how something works does not prove that there is no purpose or  creator behind it.” We can use science to observe and learn about  things like cosmic background radiation and galactic ripples which  point to a sudden beginning of the universe. The Bible can tell us  about the causes of these explosive events on a spiritual level. Both  play their part so that we do not have to choose one over the other.

I agree  with Mr. Petty when he states that science doesn’t answer all questions. It is completely ill-equipped to help us get to  know God and understand Him better, to know our family members and our friends. That comes from personal and relational knowledge. Science doesn’t assist us much when we want to remember something in the past. That requires historical knowledge. And science isn’t helpful with philosophical and metaphysical questions such as why there is crime and hunger and poverty and how to eliminate them. It is only a small slice of all knowledge and is limited to the observable and predictable physical world.

Petty also touches briefly on other similar topics that get the reader thinking such as the Big Bang, who caused what (the Law of Causality), the design of the universe, what to think of evolution, the fossil record, the Genesis account, different religions of the world, science and miracles, life on other planets, and DNA. His common sense, sensible logic and everyday language make all these topics very interesting to read. What I especially appreciated were the resources and footnotes at the end of each chapter. There’s enough information there that a person who wants to do some additional investigating has plenty to get started with.

This book in the Little Black Book series makes a handy reference that can be perused in short time and referred to as often as it’s needed. It is easy to read, non-technical but still accurate with interesting illustrations. I enjoyed the author’s quirky sense of humor. I would recommend this book for any young person 6th grade and up. Adults will even enjoy reading this. It poses several questions to ponder.

English: WMAP observes the first light of the ...

English: WMAP observes the first light of the universe- the afterglow of the Big Bang. Patterns imprinted on this light encode the events that happened only a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang. In turn, the patterns are the seeds of the development of the structures of galaxies we now see. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Science is a great pursuit because it unpacks the universe that God brought into existence; the universe that God designed with great precision and sustains with great care.” Science had always been one of my favorite fields of interest. There is so much to observe, to test, to learn about. God did not create a boring world. He wants us to look around and explore. What we learn can teach us quite a bit about Him: how He must have had a sense of humor when He designed the dinosaurs, the platypus, the dodos, and so many other things. How He must have wanted us to enjoy His creation’s beauty when He made flowers, rainbows, and the Aurora Borealis. To me, science has always been a means to point to a loving, caring God. It is one of many ways He uses to seek us out and demonstrate His love for us.

A complimentary review copy was provided to me by Cross Focused Reviews (A Service of Cross Focused Media, LLC) and Matthias Media. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

And the Lord spoke into the chaos and said,

“Let there be Light!”



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7 thoughts on “My Review on Little Black Books: Science and God by Scott Petty

  1. To me, all of the sciences actually are proving the Bible more and more! Biology through Psalm 139, proves intricate human life (like bacterium flagellum motors just happened by chance?) , the circle of the earth from Isaiah 40:22 (when up until 1492 Scientists swore the earth was flat!). Upright trees encased in mud, dinosaur and human footprints found together, and marine animals on mountain tops verifies the flood account, Archeologists stated there was no Hittite nation and yet they dug up artifacts from these and other “non-existent” Biblical tribes. I’ll stop here although I could go on.

    And yet the fool says in his heart, there is no God! It seems kind of silly to say that to His face. “As for me and my house . . . I will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 Thanks for a great, intelligent post!


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  4. I disagree. I think science ultimately is trying to answer the same questions that religion does, but goes about it in a completely different way. I understand why the two have often collided, though it isn’t necessary to get personal about it if you respect the feelings and opinions of others. By the way, science has moved on to investigating the unpredictable and the (apparently) non-physical. That’s what the field of quantum mechanics deals with.


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