Radical Dating by Diane Montgomery, Gabrielle Pickle and Sarah Bubar

His ways are not our ways

His ways are not our ways

Meet the girls who wrote this book: Diane, Gabrielle and Sarah. “Boys. Dating. Relationships. Singleness. We’ve been there. We’ve felt the butterflies. We’ve suffered through the awkward first dates. We’ve wondered if he would ever call. We’ve made the mistakes. We’ve struggled to recover from heartbreak. We’ve battled loneliness. We’ve questioned the point of dating and relationships. And chances are, we’ve asked the same questions…What if there is more to my love life than a never-ending pursuit of romantic bliss? What if all this boy-girl stuff has a bigger purpose than just my fleeting happiness? What if God has a bigger plan for my dates, relationships and singleness? What if all this romantic hoop-la was not just about a boy, or several boys, but about a Savior? What if singleness, relationships and even marriage were ways for me to proclaim Christ to the world?”

How we think about dating is the “radical” element that is shared in this book. “Our lives are a witness to the world and a sacrifice of worship to God.” It matters why we date, who we date, and how we date. It matters if we date bad boys, lost boys, or jerks. So girls, are you ready to think and be radical? And guys, if you want to read this, there is no male bashing in here. If you want to encourage your sisters in Christ, you’re welcome to read this too.

Besides being a former teacher, tutor and homeschool mom, I’m also a concerned mom of two young adults who are in the appropriate age range for this book. Like any typical parent, I want the best for them. I want to see them do things God’s way, because over the years we’ve come to realize how His ways are always better than ours. I desire for them a best friend, a lifetime soul mate and partner in serving Christ. I want them to be happy, content, filled with joy and blessed. I want them to go out and be a blessing as well. So many tidbits similar to my own experiences that I have passed down to them over the years are found in this book…all in one place. I believe this book could help them in such a spiritual walk.

I was excited when I started reading this book, because I can see what a wonderful resource this is going to be for many. I recommend this book to young women in the dating arena because this will help change the way the purpose of dating and relationships is perceived. I also recommend this book for those counseling the young women who are
struggling with relationship and dating issues.

There are five short sections in the book:
a) Why you date — True Love
b) How you date — Relationships
c) Who you date — Boys
d) What you do on the date — Purity
e) When the dates end — Singleness

There are about 20 devotional chapters, each with questions to help you think it through. Each are short enough to read in one session. The topics they treat, however, are pithy and life relevant–topics such as what God has to do with dating, how not to become “that woman”, dealing with singleness, and the pressures we feel to find “the one”. Accompanying Bible verses help the reader understand the importance of Biblical principles and how they apply to relationships. I believe each of these chapters would serve as a thought provoking devotional for an individual, but could be flexible enough to use with a small group, using the questions to guide the discussions. The final pages of the book have recommended reading and a bibliography.

My favorite section was the profile of a jerk as found in the Psalms and Proverbs. I think most of us can think of examples of jerks in the world of dating and understand why we need to stay away from them. Yet many women still find their hearts entangled with one.

Bible study leaders will find this book invaluable for both new Christians individually or in Bible Study groups as well as the older Christian young people since the principles covered in this book are timeless. A section in the latter half even applies to young married women. We can’t be reminded often enough that God’s ways aren’t always our ways. When our hearts are centered on Christ, all other things will eventually fall into place.

A complimentary review copy was provided to me by Cross Focused Reviews (A Service of Cross Focused Media, LLC). I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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