Review for Threads of Love [Book 3 Fabric of Time Series] by Andrea Boeshaar

Threads of Love [Book 3 Fabric of Time Series] by Andrea Boeshaar

Emily had always hoped her youthful friend Jake would come back to her as a serious suitor. But when she hadn’t heard from him in the past decade, she put him out of her mind and set her sights on another man to share her life with. That is, until Jake literally bowled her over. Jake was a US Deputy Marshall now, living in Montana. He had come back to Wisconsin to care for his ailing grandfather and settle the estate. He enjoyed seeing Emily Sundberg again.

Emily loved her sprawling extended family, yet growing up midst so much protection left her feeling a little stifled. She had already chosen to live in a boarding house in town with her friend Iris. The two were both teachers, had gotten their education and studied for their certificates together. When Iris suggested a summer trip by train to see the Pacific Ocean, Emily thought it was a hair-brained idea, but was secretly excited for something new to demonstrate her independence. And if she happened to see Jake on her way out West, that would be fine too.

The author creates a warm atmosphere of caring among family members that draws us into their circle and encourages us to feel part of the community where they live. Members of this family live their faith as naturally and non-contrived as breathing…exactly as it should be. When Emily experiences the challenges of young adulthood, she draws on the strength this family life has to offer and the wisdom she learned from a loving Lord. The reader can’t help but be enveloped into this world and given a shot of confidence and peace as well. If you enjoy a cozy read, with a world populated by real persons of faith who, rather than preach it, live it, breathe it and share it with each other, then you will enjoy this book as much as I have.

A complimentary review copy was provided to me by Charisma House Book Group (Realms Publishing) by The I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.



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