Review for: Rescue Team (Grace Medical) by Candace Calvert

Rescue Team (Grace Medical) by Candace Calvert

Rescue Team is the second book of the Grace Medical series by Candace Calvert. Trauma Plan is the first book. Both books are completely independent of each other, inspirational romantic suspense novels.

Main character Wes Tanner is an EMT, emergency medical technician, part of his county’s Search and Rescue Team, whose favorite phrase is, “You’re not lost anymore. We’re here to help you.” He and his volunteer team thrive on “live finds.” He is also part of his family’s well drilling business, and lives in Austin, Texas. His is a familiar face in the Grace Medical emergency room.

Kate Callison is Grace Medical’s newest interim emergency department director. She feels completely inadequate to fill the shoes of her predecessor, Sunni, who unexpectedly disappeared six months ago. From what she’s heard from her overly stressed nursing staff about Sunni Sinclair, the nurse was practically a saint. For months, her ER team has experienced one raw experience after another. The nursing team’s morale was sinking and Kate felt the strong urge to do what she did best–get out, move on, run away. But she was tired of new places, new faces and a sense of restlessness. She wanted to fit in and settle down, find a sense of home somewhere. She thought she’d found that place in Austin.

A chance meeting in the emergency department over a Baby Doe incident left an impression on Wes of Kate’s eyes–large and so sad. He sensed some serious history. He was right; she had secrets she didn’t want to share, even with her best friend. But then, beneath his own caring personality, Wes harbored secrets of his own– issues he hadn’t settled since he was a young boy. Each time Wes and Kate met each other sparks flew–at first in conflict, but gradually in attraction.


Author Candace Calvert has successfully crafted a world with characters you can care about, laugh with, struggle along side of, and experience glimmers of hope down the road to resolution. They live and breathe and become the reader’s friends. I enjoyed the flashes of humor from time to time as their relationship developed. The resolution at the end of the story was heart meltingly satisfying. I loved the fast pace of the emergency room setting, and the encouragements of long broken relationships mended. This book is one I will enjoy reading over and over.


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