Review for Trauma Plan (Grace Medical) by Candace Calvert

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US Navy 110727-N-YR391-005 Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Freeman, an Obstetrics-Gynecology physician at Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trauma Plan (Grace Medical) by Candace Calvert

Trauma Plan is the first book of the Grace Medical series by Candace Calvert. Rescue Team is the second book. Both books are completely independent of each other, inspirational romantic suspense novels.
Major Jackson Travis, also Dr. Travis (and sometimes known as Rambo), is director and physician of a local free medical clinic which he operates in his spare time. He works ER shifts at various hospitals in San Antonio, including Alamo Grace Hospital. Still in his uniform after a Reserve weekend, he accompanies a trauma patient who had fallen asleep with a cigarette in his hand, and consequently suffered from burns, to Alamo Grace Hospital. He would be working the afternoon shift there.

Trauma Chaplain Riley Hale has been chaplain only four months. A year ago, she was an ER nurse, but now she is recovering from spinal chord damage that affected her dominant arm and hand. After a year of physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling and remarkable recovery, what she really wants is to return to duty as an ER nurse. She practices diligently on manikins, simulated limbs and even fruit to regain her skills, especially IV insertion and injections, but she is afraid she may not qualify to return to duty if she can’t regain dexterity in her right hand. She hopes working at the free clinic with real patients will help her do that.

When Riley first meets Dr. Travis at Alamo Grace Hospital, sparks fly for all the wrong reasons. She has the impression he is reckless, arrogant and unconventional–definitely the Rambo type. And the doctor has no use for chaplains in his ER. In spite of their unfavorable first impressions, Jack needs nurse volunteers for his clinic. He knows of Riley’s limitations but decides to risk it in the guise of allowing her to practice at the clinic to further regain competence with her injured arm. Secretly, he hopes her family name will help to eleviate some of the bad publicity his clinic has garnered recently from disgruntled homeowners in the posh community near the clinic.

Quirky events kept throwing Jack and Riley together as they worked at the clinic and the ER. Someone was causing trouble for the clinic. It looks as if they had no choice but to work together to solve some of the mysteries; in doing so, secrets they were trying to keep were in danger of being revealed.


I enjoyed the quick pace of the story as the mystery unfolded. The author created many likeable and believable characters. My favorite person was Bandy, a scrappy former rodeo rider now retired and working in the clinic as the man of many talents, including night watchman. His character added welcome comic relief combined with pithy wisdom and spiritual insight. And you couldn’t help but love Bandy’s little rodeo dog, Hobo, cart and all. Unexpected twists in the plot make this a very interesting and satisfying read. I know I’ll enjoy reading this again.


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