Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace by Heath Lambert — Review

Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace by Heath Lambert

“A wicked world seeks to enslave your souls to pornography, the grace of Jesus Christ
alone sets you free. Look to Him!”

Pornography is one of the most pervasive addictions faced by people of all economic, geographic, racial, personality, emotional and spiritual categories. Much has been written about pornography and how to overcome its addictive nature. Some have even given up the battle and encourage others to embrace it, and try to convince others within their sphere of influence to view it the same way.

Finally free image

The worldview in this book is the belief that pornography, like many other addictions, is a form of slavery, albeit sometimes invisible, and something that needs to be overcome. The book doesn’t just talk about pornography, however. And it doesn’t offer trite methodology in the form of steps for you to follow because most of the time that isn’t effective. Instead, this book begins and ends with God’s Grace, the powerhouse that makes this book’s tools work effectively.

“Jesus loves to cleanse those who love to look at pornography [or are fighting other addictions], and He loves to give them power to change. Our sinfulness does not get the final word. Instead, Jesus justifies, washes, and sanctifies us. Our only hope is in a risen Savior who has the power to bring us out of the pit of pornography. This book is a guide to the exciting process Jesus uses to do this work.” If some of these terms sound a bit unfamiliar to you, don’t worry, the author explains them simply and clearly in the first chapter. The central theme of this book is that “no strategy to combat [addictions such as pornography] can bring profound and lasting change if it is disconnected from the power of Jesus.”

power in blood of Jesus

Chapter 1 is the key to the recovery process. The remaining chapters depend on whether you grasp this key and accept it. The author does a great job of simplifying the concept of God’s grace and making it practical for his readers. If you feel you are just reading about grace, then you missed the point. As Mr. Lambert has done, I encourage you to read this chapter over several times until it becomes crystal clear to you. The person overcoming the addiction needs grace to be more than head knowledge. Grace must be personal. The remaining chapters are strategies and concepts that build on it, so it’s important to create a rock solid foundation for the rest of the methods to work.

One of the first things I noticed about the book was its cover. The graphics and words on the cover tell me some important information about this book. First, the title communicates the success of this program by an exclamatory statement: “Finally, FREE!!!” This is what the person in treatment can expect to experience once they have overcome their addiction to pornography. I am confident this is a program that will work, and that many participants will be using this statement with overwhelming relief and jubilance. The picture emphasizes this feeling further–the man (or woman) who has been set free from his bondage to the sin of pornography is going to want to scream his victory to the hills. Second, the subtitle, “Fighting for purity with the power of grace” indicates that this is a fight. The struggle will not be easy. It will be long, ugly and dirty, and it will require time and commitment. Third, God’s grace is the power, but the power needs to go somewhere. The tools need this power, just as physical tools need power to work. The remaining chapters of this book discuss the tools to use to blast away the addiction the person is suffering from. If this book is being read by a counselor, an accountability partner, a spouse, or other type of support person for the one with the addiction, these chapters are essential for you to understand and assist the sufferer during this lengthy conflict.

Grace foundational to steps to overcome pornography

After the first chapter, the author discusses the type of tools needed to eradicate the addiction. The right kind of sorrow: because not just any kind of sorrow will help break the addiction. The right type of accountability: because some forms of accountability aren’t effective. The right use of radical measures: when everything else fails, what will help? How drastic do we need to be? Confession: when is it appropriate and when is it not to be used? What type of assistance a spouse can offer and what a spouse should not do to help. Humility: the missing ingredient in many “methods” that don’t work. What kind of humility really helps? Gratitude: another missing ingredient that digs down into the gut of the reasons why a person becomes addicted in the first place. A dynamic relationship with Jesus: we’re not talking about “religion” now. Dynamic means living; so a real, living, breathing relationship with the Son of God who is not dead, but has been raised from the dead, is as key to success in overcoming the powerful addiction of pornography as Grace is.

Each of these tools is equally important. Each helps the person to dig down deep to find the reasons for the addiction in the first place and begin to slough out the slime pit to make it ready for a life freed from the sludge. This is a book of victory, a book of hope. Its focus is on sexual immorality, but it can easily apply to any other addiction that afflicts and enslaves us.


A complimentary review copy was provided to me by Zondervan Publishing and Cross Focused Reviews (A Service of Cross Focused Media, LLC). I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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