Bake Through the Bible by Susie Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore ~ Review

Bake Through the Bible:  20 Fun Cooking Activities to Explore the Bible Story with Young Children by Susie Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore

“Our hope is that by twinning the teaching of a Bible truth with hands-on activity young minds will grasp something of the wonder of the Bible’s message. Cooking together gives a natural context for discussion and questioning, and the final product will serve as a prompt for remembering the truth taught.”

Bake Through the Bible

If you have pre-school aged children, grandchildren or students, you are going love this book. Bake Through the Bible is a big colorful book filled with stories from the Bible beginning with Genesis. There are kid-friendly directions for the recipes that accompany each lesson. Beautiful vibrant pictures show us the end product. At the conclusion of each set of directions there are discussion questions to review the lesson while preparing or eating the treat. Interspersed with the directions are small circles containing time saving tips.

bread  smoothie  pizza 1

Each recipe lists the ingredients needed, equipment to use, and a time estimation. Some of the delicious recipes include: English muffin pizzas, various sugar cookies cut into shapes to match the story’s theme, homemade bread, fruit smoothies, crepes with fruit, lamb pita burgers, cupcakes, jam tarts, sandwiches, jelly boats, fruit popsicles, fudge, and more.

The Bible lessons ultimately point to Christ, even those stories from the Old Testament (the early part of the Bible). This is the basic progression of the message: God created the world and everything in it; People sinned against God; God keeps his promises; God promised His people a Rescuer; Jesus was born; Jesus performed many miracles and helped people; Jesus died on the cross; He rose from the grave; Jesus transforms our hearts; the Holy Spirit empowers believers to tell others about Jesus’ great love for us; We look forward to being with Jesus in God’s new Heaven and new Earth.

pita burger 1

Telling the gospel story through short lessons and cooking is a tried and true method in aiding children to remember. It is a tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, and taste experience for them that helps to cement the concepts deep within. I used to include my children in cooking and baking projects when they were young. How much a young child can participate is a highly individual matter and is left to the discretion of the person in charge. The book is aimed toward pre-schoolers ages 2 to 7, although that could stretch upward especially if there is more than one child involved in the project. The stories can be read aloud before going to the kitchen, to introduce the theme. At the end of each lesson is a short heart-felt prayer.

tarts  cookies  boats 2

In preparation for this review, I cooked several of the recipes included in this book. Most of them turned out very well as you can see of the pictures I’ve included in this blog post. I did have some trouble with the bread recipe on page 14. If you live in the US, the amount given for the yeast in the bread did not make sense. I suggest using 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons dry active yeast. That is the same amount suggested in another bread recipe on page 44 that used the same amount of flour. I hope the editors can fix the problem before the next printing. Once I used the correct amount of yeast, the bread baked up well; just ask my family who snarfed it up!

crepe and fruit face 2

The sugar cookie recipe I tried was a disaster due to human error (mine). Otherwise, my family enjoyed the goodies coming out of the kitchen. I believe my son enjoyed the English muffin pizzas best, while my husband enjoyed the pita burgers most. I loved the crepes, the tuna rolls, and orange jello boats personally. There’s enough variety to please most little taste buds.

tuna rolls and empty tomb bread 1

The final lesson teaches our children about God’s new Heaven and new Earth as mentioned in the book of Revelation. It’s a beautiful lesson about looking forward to the future with joy and hope.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from The Good Book Publishers and Cross Focused Reviews. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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3 thoughts on “Bake Through the Bible by Susie Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore ~ Review

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  2. Thanks for including my review in your link-up! I enjoyed your review very much – especially seeing all of the recipes you made from the book! I wanted to try a few but have been under the weather so did not have the opportunity to do so before the tour!

    Have a blessed week and hope you’ll join us this week for Friendship Friday! 🙂


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