Merry Christmas to my Christian readers, and to everyone else, joyous holidays!

Some of my readers may not realize that I have only been blogging for the past 14 months. In all that time BethlehemI have never posted a personal note of any kind except for the “about” page. I’m breaking new ground with this greeting.

For those of you who are following my blog, your kindness touches my heart. I started this blog with a few goals in mind.

1. First and foremost was to be a testimony that I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart. I don’t have many ways to demonstrate this considering the many health problems I have.

2. Second is to do something I like to do, which is read books and to stretch that into writing about them. I have a huge amount of growing to do in that area! But it is coming.

3. Third is to keep my mind occupied with something other than watching television while stuck in my hospital bed here at home. I have numerous health problems including some nasty ulcers on my legs that won’t heal. I have to keep them raised
to encourage the sores to close. This past year, I have experienced cellulitis in one of the legs twice. One of those times it went from the leg into my foot. I could barely put my weight on it. I ended up in the hospital while the doctors checked it out to be certain it wasn’t MRSA. I was more concerned it was a blood clot considering the pain. Fortunately it was neither. They are healing, but other problems abound.

I also ended up in the hospital on another occasion (early this year)with very high blood pressure (top number goes over 200 and the lower number about 180), a problem that has plagued me for the past twelve years or so. So I’ve had to do something constructive with all this down time. It’s been an interesting year.

greatest Christmas gift on the tree

4. My fourth goal was to work out the bipolar issues I have in a positive manner. Christians especially need to know that a person can love the Lord and still have mental health issues. That is because “mental health” can translate as another physical health problem especially bipolar, schizophrenia and clinical depression. I take medications for bipolar 2 for the same reason I take medications for gout, for diabetes, for high blood pressure, treatments for my allergies, my asthma, and sleep apnea. I have glasses for my vision troubles. They are all physical problems. They manifest themselves in different ways, but for the most part, a balance can be achieved as long as you work hard enough at it.

I’ve had this particular diagnosis for twenty years. I’ve prayed about it, contemplated its effects on me, thought about its effects on others, read as much as possible about it, joined groups to observe how others deal with it, taken and read surveys from others with bipolar. In addition, I suspect my mother had bipolar type 2 as well, so I grew up with it.

I have another blog set up, but haven’t worked on it lately. I want to do that in 2014. It will be about my thoughts on bipolar from a biblical perspective. I would like to invite my readers to that blog. But I will write more on that later.

live with all your heart Christmas theme

In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS! from my home to your home.


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  1. I will keep you and your health in my prayers. There are so many things we don’t understand in this life, but can take comfort in the knowledge God will restore us to perfect health when we meet him in heaven.


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