Maid for Martin (Califormia Love Trilogy) by Samantha Lovern ~ Review

Maid for Martin (California Love Trilogy) by Samantha Lovern

Maid for Martin

Randi Sanders loved working for Maids 101. Sometimes the people she worked for were famous and the pay was excellent. She didn’t mind working hard. In addition, Randi made a point of avoiding reading about, listening to, or watching anything related to celebrity news. She even restricted herself from new television shows and movies. Instead, she watched old classics on DVD. Or better yet, she read books. The pay for these plum jobs was worth it. If she didn’t know the big news stoppers, she didn’t make a fool of herself and get fired. It had happened with other maids. All this worked for her, and she had no intention of giving up this kind of work any time soon.

Randi’s next job was providing maid service over Christmas and New Year’s for movie star Martin Taylor. Mr. Taylor had a live-in girlfriend of the jealous type. If Randi wanted this job, it was necessary for her to “ugly down.” When the chauffeur arrived to pick her up, she was ready for an adventure. But what Randi didn’t realize was that the Taylor’s driver was Martin Taylor himself. By the time he realized that Randi truly didn’t know who he was, they were already friends. He didn’t want to embarrass her or jeopardize that friendship. It has been a long time since anyone had treated him like a normal human being.

The following weeks began a strange series of events as Martin attempted to find ways to tell Randi who he was while at the same time avoid being seen as the “man of the house”. He was a conflicted man. For the reader, this constitutes a delightful comedy of errors and accidents. We know it won’t last forever. But the holiday activity and confusion perpetuated the charade and no one noticed anything amiss when Martin wasn’t at home as much as usual. Even his girlfriend Celia Carson did not realize she was losing Martin’s heart. The only one who seemed to see things amiss was Martin’s personal assistant/housekeeper. She was in charge of assigning Randi her tasks, and Randi talked about falling for a sweet and handsome guy named “Mike”. Who was Mike?

God loves us despite who we are

For me, this kind of story is a bit edgy as a Christian book. Much of the content draws from that part of Martin’s life where he has made some poor decisions and was now living with the consequences. He was at the stage in his life where there were so many shades of gray that he was uncertain where to start to move himself back onto the right track. So for awhile in this story he appears to lose credibility as a protagonist at his half-hearted attempts to extricate himself from the mess he’s in. He’s such a nice guy he doesn’t know what to do with Celia. However, he does manage to sort himself out, thanks in part to Randi’s presence, and partly due to the godly influence of his parents and the way he was reared. Their presence in his home over the holidays reminded him of the need to re-prioritize his life.

For the most part, this is a pleasant light read, tinged with moments of uneasiness. The author has achieved a good balance between the action in the story with great character development. She has done such a good job in this enjoyable story that I am planning on exploring more of her books. I have noticed that she also writes a different genre of books another another name: Samantha Fury. These books appear to focus on mystery, action, and adventure. I think I would enjoy those books too.

If you like romances that are clean but not your traditional Christian fiction, where characters are realistically flawed and struggling, then I recommend this book and author to you.

Samantha Lovern’s website

Samantha Fury’s website

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2 thoughts on “Maid for Martin (Califormia Love Trilogy) by Samantha Lovern ~ Review

  1. Thanks so much this is such a kind review!! I love Martin and Randi and I hope to release book two soon. I hope you like it also. Thanks for the review. Sorry I didn’t find it sooner but I just happened to stumble upon it on Twitter!!


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