Book Launch: The Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura

Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura  By Vincent Viñas

Incredible Edible Meg 1


Writer–and Pez dispenser lover– Vincent Viñas bakes up a sweet adventure that’s light on calories and heavy on wackiness, in his latest novel, Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura. Although Vincent enjoys writing fiction for adults, he finds writing for a younger audience even more challenging and rewarding. “My ideas typically lean towards the dark and quirky side but I’m essentially a big kid so writing material for children feels very natural and tremendously fun when I feel I have a story that young people can get a kick out of”, says Vincent Viñas. “This particular book gave me a chance to mix a number of genres I’ve always been a fan of and offer something that is hopefully new to some readers.”

The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura, the 1st title in the Incredible Edible Meg series, introduces us to Nutmeg DeMorrow, a very special girl with very special powers. Oh, yeah, she’s also made of cake. Vincent Viñas has a knack for making the reader feel very involved with the story by addressing them directly, thus creating the feeling that they’re not just reading but are actually being read to. “From a very young age I always loved sitting in a quiet corner somewhere and getting completely lost in a good book. However, having one of my school teachers read a story to the class was extra exciting because they could convey a mood that had you hanging on every word. The writer was speaking to us through them and it always made the story more memorable. By addressing the reader directly throughout The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura, I’m hoping that will create a greater connection between us and make for a more unforgettable experience.”

With its mix of ideas and genres, Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura explores:

● The concept of modern technology mixing with not so modern conventions.

● The idea that a girl made out of cake or a boy who is a living piñata is just as much a member of the family as someone born into it. Acceptance and a lack of prejudice can lead to much happiness.

● Friendship is priceless.

● Being a bully is no way to deal with people. Kindness is so much more inspiring.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is a definite moral to this story but I think there are definitely important things to be learned within all the wackiness,” remarks Vincent Viñas. “My main focus with this book is to make children laugh and feel entertained—plain and simple. If somewhere along the way they can take something positive from this story and apply it to life for the benefit of themselves and those around them, I can’t say I’d be opposed to that.” Vincent Viñas has been writing since his childhood and has won numerous awards for his words, including such things as medals, certificates, publication, a private screening party for fifty friends and a guitar from one of his favorite musicians. Vincent’s dark comedy debut novel, The Funeral Portrait was published in 2013 by Ink Smith Publishing.

The Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura is available at Native Ink Press and at other major online book selling sites.





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