Homeschooler Alert! Giveaway just for you! Dear Magazine

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Dear friend,

Way back in the Dark Ages(!), I homeschooled my two children from preschool all the way through high school. My daughter’s first degree was an Associate’s Degree in Bible Studies from Moody Bible Institute, online. So you could even say we assisted through college age at home. Needless to say, I loved homeschooling! So when I am able, I like to promote and encourage our present day Moms and Dads who homeschool their young people. Here is my latest opportunity: a giveaway for homeschooled girls. I have included a description of this giveaway–a year’s subscription of Dear magazine–and what it is about. Please feel free to share this post with your homeschooling friends.

Every young woman is dear. But not every young woman realizes this truth. Jenny Keliher has a passion to encourage young women to discover that they are dear. She wants to “show young women that they are dear in every sense of the word and in every area of their lives.”

So, who is Jenny? Daughter of Well Planned Gal Rebecca Keliher, Jenny is a young woman who has been taught to chase her passions and use her talents to God’s glory.

In an effort to reach teenagers world-wide with the message that they are dear to God, Jenny has created Dear Magazine. This beautiful product combines Jenny’s heart for the Lord with her love for literature, baking, and design.

Designed for young women ranging in age from thirteen to twenty-one, Dear covers everything from faith to fashion, from relationships to entertainment. But nothing about these topics fits the societal norm. Instead, each article reminds young women that everything they do should reflect the dear woman God has created them to be.

In each issue of Dear, young women will find much to challenge them and spark their interest, such as:

  • the biography of a historical hero, beginning with Amy Carmichael
  • women’s awareness topics
  • do-it-yourself sections
  • recipes
  • fashion tips
  • spiritual growth encouragement
  • encouragement and advice for growing in maturity
  • discussions on relationships with friends and family
  • entertainment suggestions

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to explore to see a preview of Issue 1. And be sure to enter my giveaway for a free one-year subscription!

HEDUA giveaway hosting2


HEDUA and Home Educating Family Magazine have branched out and created a daughter publication: DEAR Magazine, an up and coming printed young women’s magazine focusing on everything from faith to fashion. It’s filled with an array of beautiful pictures, helpful tips, and wholesome articles that any young woman is sure to enjoy.

Click the following link to apply for the giveaway:

Here is a link for you to Preview the product.

Use this Product link to explore more about this unique magazine!


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