A Father’s Broken Heart: 8-Year-Old Gracie & The Save A Soul Prayer Team Book 1 by Paula-Rose ~ Review

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A Father’s Broken Heart: 8-Year-Old Gracie & the Save A Soul Prayer Team Book 1 by Paula-Rose

Paula Rose Michelson is an author I have read for the past couple of years. She has written books in a variety of genres including thriller-suspense, memoir, non-fiction and a series of Christian romance historical fiction. This children’s book is a new genre for her; in my opinion, she has finally come into the genre that should be her niche. She knows children and puts this knowledge and heart to pen in these books. I am looking forward to reading more in this new series.

Paula-Rose’s book about 8-year-old Gracie and the Save A Soul Prayer Team is a breath of fresh air. Most children’s books I have read in this age bracket are sweet, but a bit too fluffy. There is barely a theme, much less a purpose. Paula-Rose writes terrific stories with plenty of action that keeps children’s interest. In addition, the characters in the story learn about God’s personality and His ways without sounding like a Sunday School lesson. In this story, Gracie’s heart is touched when a friend’s family moves away. She wants to be a part of bringing the family together again.

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Some people may object that children are just not like Gracie, and they will not relate to the characters. I disagree with that. In the years past when I taught school, whether secular or Christian, there were always a few within each class that stood out as having an especially sensitive heart. In their own way, they inspired others they met, even in the classroom. Gracie has a tender heart and is always willing to do something to help others. It’s this heart that makes this story, and consequently the entire series, so wonderfully enjoyable. If I were a parent or grandparent, I would definitely buy this book for the children.

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