How Did We Become Angry? (LAMB Ministries 7X7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma and Abuse) by Paula Rose Michelson ~Review

How Did We Become Angry LAMB Ministries

How Did We Become Angry? LAMB Ministries by Paula Rose Michelson

From my own observations over the years as a former teacher, as a Mom, as an employee, as a former youth worker, as a person involved in the church music ministry, and especially as a human being, I have noticed how adept people are at hiding their anger inside. We are so adept that we learn to deny any anger exists at all. We often look to outside sources to blame, if there is anything to blame. In my opinion, this behavior leads to all types of failed relationships, including a failed relationship with God! And complications of this internal anger can include loss of jobs, broken marriages, broken families, broken friendships and even poor health. I often wonder, why are we doing this to ourselves? I believe that answer can be found in this wonderful self-help book by Paula Rose Michelson.

One of the reviewers in the preface for How Did We Become Angry by Paula Rose Michelson wrote, “the purpose of Christian counseling is to aid individuals to get unstuck in their life.” I enthusiastically agree with this viewpoint. And this book is one of the best I have read that could help many people get “unstuck”. That’s because I believe many of us are bogged down carrying around a load of anger on our shoulders, even if we don’t realize it. We aren’t healing or budging from this state because we refuse to believe we are carrying around this burden at all. After reading and putting to practice the steps written in this manual, I am convinced this book could be an effective “monkey wrench” to help us dislodge the rust that has settled into our spiritual joints and muscles. I’m talking about the spiritual atrophy that makes us ineffective spouses, friends, parents, church workers, neighbors, employees, co-workers and especially Christ followers. It’s the type of spiritual arthritis that makes us apathetic human beings.

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This author readily admits she herself has needed to deal with unaddressed anger. She grew up experiencing the unreasonable wrath of a mother un-diagnosed with bipolar disorder or as it was called back then, manic depression. I know what that’s like. I lived with a mother like that myself. Here is where I have experienced a kinship to the author since my mother was also one who should have been diagnosed with manic depression. She was completely unpredictable and sometimes out of control of her mood swings and anger. My mother was later diagnosed with what I know is a common side disorder to bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). That translated to mean that she was capable of ranting about nothing for hours on end, laying down blame and guilt everywhere and on anyone, especially her children and spouse, even to the point of holding grudges for decades.  Ms. Michelson has decided to share with her readers the step by step process God used to heal her.

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When you purchase this book, be sure to read the introduction and preface where she tells about the beginning of a ministry God gave to her: LAMB Ministries. She had already had a heart for helping others recover from substance abuse. She then went on to develop this new organization to assist women in or recovering from abusive relationships. She uses the same method as described in this book that God used in healing her own damaged heart. This became her own special ministry. But this technique is readily applicable to everyone, male or female, regardless of one’s background. I am thoroughly grateful to Paula Rose Michelson for generously sharing God’s truth with us in this book.

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What I like most about this book’s contents is the simplicity of the plan. The author makes it clear that part of this plan is forgiveness. It’s important to understand that forgiveness is a process, not a single event. Some parts of this plan will need to be repeated. But because it centers around God’s Word, it works.


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